Wrexham Quiz League 
1982-83 Season 
 The Golden Lion, Holt started the season as The Gredington, Holt but changed name and venue after week 10.
In week 12 Lex XI had 1 league point deducted for not submitting the score.
In week 16 Tetra Pak did not attend and had points deducted as per rule 9.2
The Buck and the Hospitals B finished the season tied on league points and marks for.  A play-off took place at the Gredington, Llan y Pwll on 11th May 1983 which was won by the Hospitals B.  The Buck were therefore relegated to Div 3 for next season.
DIV 1 Winners - The Yew Tree
Div 2 Winners - LP19 Tax Office
DIV 3 Winners - Oak Tree
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Dates of Weeks
The Bird in Hand team from Div 1
The Hospitals A team from Div 1
The RAFA Club team from Div 2
The Hospitals B team from Div 2
The Gate Hangs High team from Div 3
The Panotomime Co team from Div 3


The Gredington, Holt team who changed their name and venue to the Golden Lion, Holt after week 10.

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