Wrexham Quiz League 

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, 7th August 2012 at the Lager Club, Wrexham

 As recorded by Pauline Johnson - Peal of Bells A
1 Teams Present
Bangor Academicals, Buck, Catholic Club, Hole in the Wall, Magers, New Inn, Overton,
Peal of Bells A, B, Railway, Swan, Talwrn Tigers, Telford, Yew Tree (14/27)
2 Apologies
3. Chair persons Report.
Diane gave her report for the year.
She welcomed everyone to the meeting, congratulated the winning teams and commiserating with the non winners. She thanked the committee for the work they have done during the year.
The season had been successful and the table quizzes had been well attended. She gave thanks to all of the venues which hosted table quizzes especially the Lager Club.
It was pointed out that it was important ot register for the new season as soon as possible so that fixtures could be drawn up.  Also, when registering, it was important to give the full postal address and the post code to send the question papers to as last year there had been some problems.
There was a plea for someone to volunteer to fill the vacant post of Secretary. 
Congratulations were given to the team selected to represent the Wrexham Quiz League in the Glyndwr University Science Quiz challenge organised by BBC Radio Wales and
their win or 96 points to 48.
4. Treasurers Report
Ray Pearson submitted the accounts for the year which showed that income for the season was £198 less than last season whereas expenditure was £165 more.  The league had made a loss of £12 on the season but there had been a one off payment for the renewal of trophies.
It was decided to keep the registration fee at £60 but there was a concern about potential loss of teams from the league with one casualty already announced.  To attract new teams it was decided that the registration fee would be £30 for new teams entering the league.  It would be for the committee to deecide what constitutes a NEW team to prevent venue changes by existing teams qualifying for reduced fees.     
Money would be made available to promote the league and it's search for new teams and if anyone had any ideas they should contact Diane
Subscriptions are to be in by the end of October.
Charitable donations. Each of the 8 winners would be asked to name the charity they wanted for a £25 donation.
5 Election of Officers
All officers and committee members were voted in but a request for a Secretary went unfulfilled.  Everyone was asked to try and persuade someone to fill this important position. 
6. AOB

A "flyer" will be drawn up by Ray Pearson and circulated around pubs in the area which could possibly field a new team. In answer to a question regarding how far afield we would accept teams it was suggested a radius of 10 miles from Wrexham would be reasonable.   Approaches will be made by Diane to places such as Yale College and Glyndwr University to see if they could field a team.
As the number of competing teams next season is likely to change any extra promotions or relegations which were found necessary to even up numbers would be decided by committee.
It was decided to move the date of the AGM from its usual August slot to the end of April or early May for a one year trial.  Exact date to be decided by committee.  This was to attract the attendance of more teams.
Diane to contact Wreham Leader and Daily Post to see about publication of league results to raise awareness of the league.

7. New Season's Start Dates
Provisionally the Colin Hughes trophy, for all winners and runners up of leagues, cups and divisional handicaps, will be held at the Lager Club for 8.30 on Tuesday 2nd October. The first League game will be on Tuesday 9th October.
Meeting closed at 9.30pm and the presentation of awards followed.

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