Wrexham Quiz League 


As last amended at the A.G.M. on Tuesday. 9th August 2011  (Changes are highlighted in red and previous wording appears in the archive section at the foot of the page) 


This combination of Quiz Teams shall be called the "Wrexham Quiz League" and shall consist of one or more divisions.


2.1 The league shall be governed by an Executive Committee which shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Treasurer, Secretary, Fixtures Secretary,  and five other members making a total of ten in all.

2.2 The Executive Committee shall be elected annually by the teams at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with Rule 3.

2.3 The Executive Committee is empowered to appoint and dismiss Question Setters at their discretion.


3.1 A team in membership may nominate a maximum of two candidates as they think fit, including retiring members to fill any vacancies on the Executive Committee. Such nominations shall be sent to the League Secretary on or before 21 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


4.1 Each member of the Executive Committee shall be entitled to attend all League Meetings, having one vote thereat except as in Rule 4.2.

4.2 No member of the Executive Committee shall be allowed to vote on any matter pertaining to the team with which he or she is associated. Neither shall he or she act in any way whatsoever in any matter in which the team with which he or she is associated is interested. No registered team shall have more than two voting members on the Executive Committee.

4.3 In the event of voting being equal on any matter, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

4.4 The Executive Committee shall have the power to fill any casual vacancy arising in the Executive Committee.


5.1 A General Meeting of Teams in membership shall be held at least once in every calendar year, within fifteen months of the previous General Meeting. This shall be known as "The Annual General Meeting".

5.2 The League Secretary shall, on receipt of a requisition signed on behalf of not less than ten teams in membership, call a General Meeting, this meeting being known as an "Extraordinary General Meeting".

5.3 At the Annual General Meeting teams in membership shall be entitled to be represented and shall be allowed one vote only.

5.4 Fourteen days notice of all General Meetings shall be given unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee, and in the case of an Annual General Meeting a copy of the Agenda, the Audited Accounts and the Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any subsequent meeting shall be forwarded to all teams in membership, not less than fourteen days prior to the meeting.

5.5 The Executive Committee may at any time considered to be necessary, call an Extraordinary General Meeting.


6.1 Teams wishing to enter the League must complete a "Team Registration Form" and return it with the Team Registration Fee to the League Secretary to arrive not later than the date announced by the Executive Committee at the AGM.

6.2 The Team Registration Fee will be set annually by the Treasurer and announced at the AGM.

6.2 Teams re-registering from the previous season will automatically have their League membership renewed providing they comply with Rule 6.1.

6.3 New Teams will be allocated any remaining League places on a "first come first served" basis, provided they comply with Rule 6.1.


7.1 Players do not need to register for a team, but cannot play for more than one team on any one season. Special dispensation however may be given by the committee in the case of a club folding during the course of the season.


8.1 The League will consist of Divisions with the number of divisions to be decided by the Executive Committee.

8.2 Each team will play each of the other teams within their division twice - once at home and once away.


9.1 Three League points will be awarded for a win, two for a draw and one for a defeat.

9.2 Late or non-attending teams (see Rule 20.3) will receive no league points and will be accredited with no score for that match. Their opponents shall receive three league points for a win, and will be credited with the average winning score on that night for that division.


10.1 At the completion of the League season, the top three teams in all divisions (except Division One) will be promoted to the division above for the following season. Likewise the bottom three teams in all divisions (except the lowest division) will be relegated to the division below. Unless as a result, a division will have less than 10 teams, in which case promotions and demotions will be at the discretion of the committee.

10.2 Should teams finish the League season on the same number of League points, position will be decided on the total number of marks scored during the League season. The higher figure will take precedence. Should the total number of marks scored also be the same then position will be decided on the total number of marks conceded. The higher figure will again take precedence. Should the total number of marks conceded also be the same then the aggregate match score between the teams will be used.

10.3 Should a tie still result involving teams affected by promotion or relegation, a play-off or play-offs will be held to decide position. The play-off will be conducted under "Knock-out Cup Rules" (see Rules 12 to 17).

10.4 The winning team in each division will be awarded trophies.


11.1 Any postponed league matches will be rearranged by the Fixtures Secretary at a suitable future date.


12.1 During the League season the various rounds up to and including the final stages of the Knock-out Competitions will take place.


13.1 All teams from the League will compete in a Preliminary Round, with the winners going forward to the first round proper of the main Knock-out Competition. The losers will go forward to the first round of a Consolation Cup competition.


14.1 The fixtures for all rounds of the knock-out competitions will be decided by lot.

14.2 The winners from each round following the Preliminary Round will proceed to the draw for the next round of the respective competitions.

14.3 In all rounds of the competitions, the team drawn second in each pairing will be deemed to be the away team, collection of question sets (see Rule 19), submission of results (see Rule 30) and provision of officials (see Rule 22) will apply accordingly.


15.1 The semi-finals of all knock-out competitions will be held at a venue mutually acceptable to all parties.


16.1  At the end of sixty questions in a knock-out match, if the scores are tied, the tie-break procedure will take effect.

16.2  The winners will be decided by use of an "estimate" question, to be provided by the Question Setter. The procedure for use of the "estimate" question will be explained on the question sheet.


17.1 Any postponements of knock-out cup matches will be dealt with by the Fixtures Secretary (see Rule 11).


18.1 All matches will be held on Tuesday evenings with the possibility of additional League or Cup matches being held on Monday evenings (see Rule 11).

18.2 "Presentation Night" will be held at a suitable date following the completion of the League programme and Knock-out competitions.


19.1 Question sets will be posted to the home venue, or nominated address.

In case of problems phone Brian Carr or Dave Wilkinson - numbers on fixture cards.


20.1 Matches should start at 8:30 pm and no earlier.

20.2 The start may be delayed until 8:40 pm at the latest.

20.3 If a match is not begun by 8:40 pm the team responsible for the match failing to start on time will forfeit the match with league points and scores (if it's a league match) being accredited as outlined in Rule 9.2.

20.4 If a match begins with one or both of the teams having less than four players, it is not permitted for another player or players to join the team whilst the quiz is in progress (including any interval).

20.5 In the case of Cup semi-finals and finals, matches will commence within 10 minutes of the match starting time, as notified to the participating teams by the League Secretary.


21.1 In league matches and the knockout cup competitions a participating team will consist of a maximum of four players, one of whom will be nominated as the team captain.

21.2 For the table quiz events, such as the Handicap Cup, Colin Hughes Trophy and the Les Moore Cup, a maximum of five players may sit at a team’s table, the same five players to participate throughout.      


22.1 Under normal circumstances, the home team will be required to provide the question master and the away team will supply both the scorer and timekeeper.

22.2 A minimum of two officials (one to act as question master and the other as both scorer and timekeeper) is required. NB. Under exceptional circumstances the match can go ahead with just one official fulfilling all three tasks.

22.3 Each team should therefore be represented at each match by a minimum of two people, one player and one official.

22.4 If a team is represented by one player only and the opposing captain agrees to provide an official for that team, then the match may go ahead. Otherwise, the team with only one person present will forfeit the match, with league points and scores being accredited as a result by attendance default if a league match (see Rule 9.2).


23.1 The question master should check that the envelope containing the question paper and score sheet is correctly signed and sealed, and if not satisfied that this is in order, should make a note on the score sheet next to his or her signature to notify the League Secretary.

23.2 The question master should, in secret, read through the questions and answers before the start of the match and should anomalies be found (eg. missing questions) then the question master should notify both team captains of the action he or she proposes to take.


24.1 At the start of the quiz the captain of the away team will decide whether his or her team will answer first or second in the first half of the quiz.

24.2 The question master should then enter the names of the teams on the score sheet.

24.3 A quiz will consist of sixty questions, thirty to each team, with questions alternating from one team to another.

24.4 The order of questioning will be reversed in the second half of the quiz, ie. after thirty questions.

24.5 At the half way point of the quiz, a break of up to ten minutes may be taken if  both captains are in agreement.


25.1 A team is allowed thirty seconds from the moment that the question has been completed in which to answer their own question.

25.2 The timekeeper will indicate clearly when twenty of the thirty seconds have elapsed, and when time (thirty seconds) is reached.

25.3 No answer or an incorrect answer will result in the question being repeated by the question master and offered to the opposing team for a bonus.

25.4 Ten seconds only are allowed (except as in Rule 26.2) from the completion of the repeat of the question, for a question to be answered as a bonus.

25.5 Answers (to both own and bonus questions) must be started before time is called, but may continue beyond the time limit.

25.6 The question master may clarify a spelling during the initial reading of a question (ie. before time starts) but any team captain requesting clarification of any or all of a question after timing has begun, does so in his or her own time.


26.1  Certain circumstances may arise during a quiz which cause the question master to decide to replace a question with a reserve question (eg. where the question master, in discounting the answer given by a team to its own question, inadvertently gives away the answer instead of passing the question to the opposing team for a bonus opportunity).

26.2  If the reserve question is being asked for the first time as a bonus then the full thirty seconds must be allowed for the question to be answered.

26.3  The captain of the team receiving the reserve question must select which reserve question by number that his or her team is to receive.


27.1 Two marks are awarded for a correct answer to a team's own question, and one mark is awarded for a correct answer to a bonus.


28.1 The question master will only accept the answer given by the captain of the team to whom the question was directed. The team captain may nominate another team member to give the answer. Any such nomination will apply only to that question unless the team captain specifically states that the team captaincy is being handed over to another team member for the rest of the quiz. Should a player from the team to whom the question was directed other than the captain or nominated player answer the question, the question master will disregard it and request the answer from that team's captain or nominee.

28.2 In the event of an answer (whether correct or incorrect) being given by a player (including the captain) from the team other than the team to whom the question was directed, two points will be automatically awarded to the team to whom the question was directed. This does not apply when the question is being asked as a bonus.

28.3 The question master should as a rule abide by the answer given on the question paper. Question setters however are only human and occasionally errors will occur. In such circumstances the question master should be prepared to accept an answer which does not match the question paper, but only with the agreement of both captains.

28.4 The question master's decision is final.


29.1 At the end of the match, both team captains and the match officials must sign the scoresheet. This should be retained by the captain of the home team for a period of seven days in case it is needed to resolve any disputes.

29.2 The back of the scoresheet can also be used at this point for any comments that either team captain may wish to make about the conduct of the quiz.


30.1 The home team will be responsible for the submission of the match result. The result can either be telephoned, sent by text message or e-mailed so as to reach the results coordinator before 1.00pm. on the day following the match. Details of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc will be printed on the scoresheet.

30.2 Teams failing to comply with Rule 30.1 will be deemed to have failed to attend the match (see rule 9.2).


31.1 All appeals will be decided by the Executive Committee.

31.2 Any team captain wishing to lodge a protest against the conduct of a quiz must send written details of the protest to the League Secretary to arrive not later than 48 hours after the quiz.

31.3 Under the following conditions, appeals against any incorrect answers may be allowed:-

a) The appeal must be made at the time the question master gives the answer. Any form of words may be used but the appeal must be made before the next question is asked, ie. no appeal will be upheld unless entered at the time of asking, and certainly not after the quiz ends.

b) The correctness of an appeal is to be decided by the Question Setter on documentary evidence supplied by the appellants, and such evidence to be presented to the Fixtures Secretary no later than the Friday week following the match. The Question Setter's decision is final. There may be no further appeal.


32.1 No alteration to these rules can be made except at the Annual General Meeting, and a team shall give 21 days notice to the League Secretary of any proposed alteration. The same to be circulated to the teams at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee may recommend alterations to these rules, such alterations to be circulated at least 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.


33.1 Any registered team or player deemed guilty of serious misconduct in the opinion of the Executive Committee, may be summarily suspended or expelled from the League by the Executive Committee, without statement of reasons.

33.2 Such team or player may appeal against the Committee's decision at a General Meeting of registered teams within seven days of such suspension or expulsion. A written "leave of appeal" letter must be in the hands of the League Secretary who will then summon a General Meeting to hear such an appeal. The decision of that Meeting (arrived at by ballot) shall be deemed final.

33.3 The Executive Committee may deduct league points from any team whose conduct is considered to be inappropriate.


34.1 The representative of the Wrexham Quiz League in any Inter-League Cup Championship shall be the winners of Division One or any other team that the Executive Committee may choose.


35.1 A team winning a trophy will be held responsible for the care and maintenence of that trophy whilst in its possession. This team must make good any damage or loss of that trophy before the end of the season. All team trophies must be returned to the League not less than three weeks before Presentation Night in the same condition as it was presented.


36.1 The Endeavour Trophy will be awarded to the team that has made the greatest improvement in their league average score in the second half of the season. Teams winning trophies during that season, losing points or receiving warning letters will not be eligible.


37.1 In any Handicap Competition the handicaps will be calculated from the average score achieved by teams throughout the season in league matches only. Where league matches are won as a result of opponents not appearing, the marks credited to that team will not be included for handicap purposes. The handicap a team will receive will be three-quarters of the difference between that teams average and that of the team with the highest average.

37.2 In addition to the handicap referred to in Rule 37.1, an extra one point per division differential will be added to the handicaps of teams from the lower divisions.


38.1 Further competitions, including the pre-season Colin Hughes Memorial Trophy, the mid-season Pairs competitions and the Les Moore Trophy, will be organised by the Executive Committee. The venue, format and qualification for all such competitions will be at the Committee's discretion.

This is an archive of rules prior to changes.
Wording of Rule 21 before the change at the AGM  Tuesday 9th Aug 2011


21.1 In league matches, the knockout cups and the handicap cup a participating team will consist of a maximum of four players, one of whom will be nominated as the team captain.

21.2 For the table quiz events, such as the Colin Hughes Trophy and the Les Moore Cup, a maximum of five players may sit at a team’s table, the same five players to participate throughout.        


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