Wrexham Quiz League 

The Albion
l-r Pete Roberts, Mike Hughes, Paul Jones,
Paul Murphy and Ray Pearson
Derby Arms (photo 2)
l-r Mark Sumner, George Sumner and
Dave Percival
Horse & Jockey
l-r Ed Cockcroft, Bryn Jones, Steve Edwards,
Mike Vickers and Faith Roberts
Peal of Bells A
l-r Martin Johnson, Eric Stansford,
Murray Stewart, Nigel Barkway and Richard Varley
Talwrn Tigers
l-r Phil Wendt, Alan Whitehead, Joan Evans,
John Wood and Joe Satterley
Some team line-ups from the 2008 - 09 season
Crick Quizzers
l-r Simon Jones, Alwyn Jones, Peter Cariss,
Nigel Evans, Mike Clancy and Singe Jones
l-r Phil Phillips, Barry Price,
Nick Rowe and Bill Stephens
Nags Head
l-r Dave Bebbington, Gayle Thomas,
Gareth Thomas and Ken Thomas
Railway Brymbo
l-r Stuart Sanger, Gareth Shone, John Parry,
Nev Williams, Rhys Tattum and Paul Lewis
l-r Peter Varley, Mike Beech, Dave Collins,
Mike Flanagan, Dave Roberts and Peter Hughes
If you can identify any of the ? people please let us know via the Contact Us page 
(All photos are courtesy of Mr Mike Dixon)
Derby Arms (photo 1)
l-r Dave Parker-Williams, Andrew Davies,
Martin Rigg and Rob Lindley
Hole in the Wall B
l-r John Jones, Phil Hughes,
Jeff Clark and Terry Bailey
l-r Val Stevenson, Euan Stevenson,
Keith Morris, Jean Morris and Martin Kilcoyne
Red Lion
l-r Colin Griffiths, Eddie Rees,
Liz Cross and Jim Cross
Yew Tree
l-r Peter Hynde, Gareth Jones, Brian Edwards,
Kaz Savin and John Kingston

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