Wrexham Quiz League 2010-11 Season
Les Moore Trophy
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1 In which south Wales town did the independent radio station Scarlet FM begin broadcasting in 2002? LLANELLI
2 What kind of geographical features are Pistyll-y-Llyn and Pistyll Rhyadr the two largest in Wales? WATERFALLS
3 In which decade of the 20th century was Swansea formally invested with city status? 1960's (1969)
4 How many Welsh constituencies returned Lib Dem MPs at the last general election? FOUR
 (Cardiff Central, Montgomery, Ceredigion and Brecon & Radnor
5 Which A road runs through Corwen, Betwys-y-Coed and Bangor and ends at Holyhead? A5
6 The former Prime Minister David Lloyd George was an MP for 55 years for a constituency in which Welsh town? CAERNARFON
7 Britain's longest rail tunnel (prior to the Channel Tunnel) was the Severn tunnel between Bristol and Newport, but what is the name of the longest that is wholly in Wales? FFESTINIOG (Llandudno - Blaenua Ffestiniog line)
8 Which county in south Wales, with its administrative HQ at Clydach Vale, is named after three rivers? RHONDDA CYNON TAFF
9 According to the 2001 census, which current Welsh county has the highest percentage of people (68.7%) who are able to speak Welsh? GWYNEDD
10 In which town will the 2011 National Eisteddfod be held? WREXHAM
ROUND 2 - Literature
11 Which one of the "Mr Men" never stops talking, "not even for a moment"? MR  CHATTERBOX
12 Who wrote the plays Hedda Gabler, The Master Builder and Peer Gynt? (Henrik) IBSEN
13 Who wrote the line "A woman is only a woman, but a cigar is a good smoke" in his poem The Betrothed? (Rudyard) KIPLING
14 At 37 years, who was the longest serving Poet Laureate of the 20th century? (John) MASEFIELD
15 In the Washington Irving novel, how many years did Rip Van Winkle sleep for?  Was it 20, 70 or 99? 20
16 One Step at a Time and Big Girl are recent best-sellers for which female author? (full name required) DANIELLE STEEL
17 In a literary sense, if The Knight was the fist and The Miller was the second, who was the 24th and last? THE PARSON
(Cantebury Tales)
18 Which novel by Michael Ondaatje was joint winner of the 1992 Booker Prize and later was made into an Oscar winning film? THE ENGLISH PATIENT
19 POETRY - How many lines are there in a clerihew? FOUR
20 What was the name of the escaped convict who Pip helps in Great expectations and who later becomes his benefactor? (Abel) MAGWITCH
ROUND 3 - The Noughties
21 Who was British Foreign Secretary from June 2001 to 2006? JACK STRAW
22 Which company launched the PS3 games console in March 2007? SONY
23 She was the widow of George V's third son, Henry, and she died in 2004 aged 102.  What was her Christian name? (Princess) ALICE
(Duchess of Gloucester)
24 What did 14 year old Briton Michael Perham become the youngest person to do on his own in January 2007? SAIL the ATLANTIC
25 Who was re-elected as President of France in 2002, after winning a run-off against the National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Penn? JACQUES CHIRAC
26 On February 9th 2000, who resigned as First Secretary of Wales and was replaced by Rodri Morgan? ALUN MICHAEL
27 What was the name of the town in southern Russia, where twenty Chechen terrorists took hostage over 900 children and teachers in a school in 2004? BESLAN
28 What is the real surname of the man who has signed himself as John Ebor since 2005? SENTAMU
(Archbishop of York)
29 Which soap actress became Lady Mayoress of Leeds in May 2000? LIZ DAWN
30 With a population of approximately 18 million, which was the largest of the ten countries who joined the EU in January 2004? POLAND
ROUND 4 - 70s Television
31 According to the title, who were Geoffrey (played by Richard Beckinsdale) and Beryl (played by Paula Wilcox) in an early 70s sitcom? (The) LOVERS
32 How many celebrities were there on the panel in Blankety Blank? SIX
33 During the Three Day Week of 1973/74, the government imposed a curfew on the television channels.  At what time did all TV close down for the night during the crisis? 10.30pm
34 Who played Faye Boswell, governor of Stone Park prison, in the ITV drama series Within These Walls? GOOGIE WITHERS
35 What was the surname of the middle class Liverpool family headed by Edwin and Jean, with their children David, Margaret and Freda in the 70s ITV drama series A Family at War? The ASHTONS
36 Which well known comedy actress played the part of Nellie Harvey, landlady of The Laughing Donkey and constant rival to Annie Walker, in Coronation Street during the 70s? MOLLIE SUGDEN
37 Which classic sitcom, first shown in 1974, began life as a stage play by Eric Chappell called The Banana Box? RISING DAMP
38 What late 70s comedy series included episodes called Escape From Stalag Luft 112B, Roger of the Raj and (possibly most famously) Across the Andes by Frog? RIPPING YARNS
39 Which event on the 14th November 1974 had a domestic TV audience of 25 million and an estimated world-wide audience of 530 million? MARRIAGE of PRINCESS ANN and Mark Phillips
40 In which London borough was the BBC sitcom Citizen Smith set? TOOTING
ROUND 5  - Sporting Bs (All answers start with B, surnames for people)
41 Which football leaue club are known as the Bees and play at Griffin Park? BRENTFORD
42 Ridden by Tony McCoy, which horse won this year's Champion Hurdle? BINOCULAR
43 Which American won the Long Jump gold medal at Romein 1960, the silver behind Lyn Davies in Tokyo in 1964 and the bronze in Mexico City four years later? (Ralph) BOSTON
44 Which US city connects the 1971 Superbowl winners, The Colts, and the 2001 winners, The Ravens? BALTIMORE
45 Which opening batsman won three Ashes series as captain of England but never scored a test century? (Mike) BREARLEY
46 Which of England's racecourses is the highest above sea level? BATH
47 Who was the first speedway rider to be awarded an MBE in 1973? BARRY BRIGGS
48 In the mid 80s, which greyhound won 32 consecutive races in the UK breaking a total of 16 track records in the process? BALLYREGAN BOB
49 Which surname connects the US baseball player who hit a record 73 home runs in the 2001 season and the Wesy Ham footballer  who captained his club to two FA Cup triumphs? BONDS
(Barry and Billy)
50 Which Briton won the Ladies Singles at the 1976 French Open Tennis Chamionships? (Sue) BARKER
ROUND 6 - Pot Luck
51 A new company called International Consolidated Airlines Group has been formed recently as a result of the merger of British Airways and which other european state airline? IBERIA
52 How much does the Daily Telegraph currently cost on a weekday? £1
53 What is the official language of the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean? FRENCH
54 Situated in Belfast and founded in 1908, which is the oldest university in Northern Island? QUEENS
55 The Dartford River Crossing, between Kent and Essex, consists of a pair of tunnels going in one direction and the QEII bridge going in the other.  If you were driving over the bridge would you be going North or South? SOUTH
(The tunnels go North)
56 Who was the principal conductor of the Halle Orchestra from 1943 until his death in 1970? Sir John BARBIROLLI
57 What was the Zimbabwe capital Harare called until 1982? SALISBURY
58 Which Roman emperor, born of humble stock, was proclaimed by the army in 284AD.  He split the empire into four autonomous parts and retired aged 60 to farm in his home village in what is now Croatia? DIOCLETIAN
59 What was the Christian name of Harold Shipman's wife? PRIMROSE
60 Charles Darwin, Captain Matthew Webb and Clive of India were all born in which English county? SHROPSHIRE
According to the Wrexham County Borough Council tax leaflet, how much does the Borough estimate it will recieve in housing rents for the year 2010-11? £36,337,000