Wrexham Quiz League 2010-11 Season
Colin Hughes Trophy (5/10/10)
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1 Born on this day in 1951 with the Christian names Robert Frederick Zenon, he was knighted by the Queen in 1986 but cannot be referred to as 'Sir'.  Who is he? BOB GELDORF
2 Who succeeded Nasser as President of Egypt on this day in 1970? ANWAR SADAT
3 On this day in 1917, Sir Arthur Lee donated his house in Buckinghamshire to the nation.  What was the house called? CHEQUERS
4 Entitled Wither Canada? The first episode of which BBC comedy show was broadcast on this day in 1969? MONTY PYTHON'S
5 On October 5th in which year of the 1930's did the Jarrow March begin? 1936
6 In which country did the airship the R101 crash on this day in 1930? FRANCE
7 On this day in 1949, the murderer Brian Donald Hume disposed of the dismembered parts of the body of his victim, Stanley Setty, in which unusual way?  Did he hire a plane and drop them in the Channel, did he post them to various police stations or did he throw them to a pride of lions at London Zoo?  Answer: Plane, Police or Pride. PLANE
8 Who was the 21st US President, who was born on this day in 1830, had the middle name Alan and assumed office on the assassination of President Garfield? CHESTER A ARTHUR
9 Bulgaria declared its independence from which country on this day in 1908? TURKEY
10 Born on this day in 1936, which playwritgh became President of Czechoslovakia in 1989? VACLAV HAVEL
ROUND 2 - The Americas
11 Which is Canada's largest island and the fifth largest in the world? BAFFIN Island
12 Name either of the two Central American countries that border Mexico. GUATEMALA or BELIZE
13 In which decade was the capital of Brazil moved from Rio to Brasilia? 1960s (1960)
14 What is the name of the river on which the Guyanese capital, Georgetown, stands, being familiar in this country for its connection with Guyana's main export, sugar? DEMARARA
15 The capital of which Atlantic island group is situated on New Providence Island? BAHAMAS (Nassau)
16 Which country bacame landlocked as a result of territory lost in the so-called War of the Pacific between 1879 and 1884? BOLIVIA
17 Which Caribbean island is divided into 14 parishes, grouped into three counties, Cornwall, Surrey and Middlesex? JAMAICA
18 Sharing its name with a city in southern Spain, what is the second largest city in Argentina? CORDOBA
19 The Big Bend National Park in Texas is situated on a bend in which river? RIO GRANDE
20 Which famous explorer became the first to successfully negotiate the North West Passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in 1906? ROALD AMUNDSEN
ROUND 3 - Names
21 What was the name (taken from the astronomers who discovered it) of the comet that crashed into Jupiter in July 1994? SHOEMAKER-LEVY (9)
22 Which famous perfume was so called because its launch date was 5th May? CHANEL NO 5
23 What was the surname of the local doctor who bought asring in Vergeze, in the Gard department of France, in 1898 and opened a commercial spa there? PERRIER
24 What connects the names Waldi, Amik, Mischa, Cobi and Izzy? OLYMPIC MASCOTS
('72, '76, '80, '92 and '96)
25 Described once as "one of London's works of art", by what name was the man born Denis Charles Pratt in 1909 best known in London and New Yorl? QUENTIN CRISP
26 What was the legendary baseball star Babe Ruth's real first name? GEORGE
27 Which name comes next (and last) in this sequence - Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Unity, Jessica, .......? DEBORAH (Mitford sisters in order of birth)
28 What is the name of the first Mersey road tunnel, built in 1934? QUEENSWAY
29 What is the name of the German company which took over Powergen in January? EON
30 What is the name of the charity that was formed in 1946 as the National Association for Mental Health? MIND
ROUND 4 - The Twentieth Century
31 On which battleship - Russia's largest at the time - did revolutionary workers raise a red flag in St Petersburg on 30th October 1905? POTEMKIN
32 What was the surname of the 19 year old who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo on 28th June 1914? (Gavrilo) PRINCIP
33 In which year was the Irish Free State established as an independent dominion of the British Empire, as a result of an Anglo-Irish treaty signed a year earlier? 1922
34 Which building became the tallest in the world when completed in 1930, a title it held for less than a year? CHRYSLER Building
(Empire State 1931)
35 Which British company made the plane that became the world's first jet airliner when it made its maiden flight at Hatfiled airport in July 1949? DE HAVILAND
36 What was the surname of Julius and Ethel who were executed for treason in the USA in 1953? ROSENBERG
37 Which society osteopath committed suicide in 1963 after being convicted of living off the immoral earnings of Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice-Davies? STEPHEN WARD
38 Who did Margaret Thatcher defeat in the second and final ballot for the Conservative Party leadership in February 1975? WILLIAM WHITELAW
39 From which London bridge was Italian banker Roberto Calvi found hanging in July 1982? BLACKFRIARS
40 Which bank was ordered to stop trading in London in 1991 after it was found guilty of laundering $32 million of drug money in Florida?  (Initials will do) BCCI
ROUND 5  - Sport
41 France and Serbia will contest the final of which famous sporting competition in Belgrade in December? DAVIS CUP (Tennis)
42 Which British financial services company are the current shirt sponors of Liverpool? STANDARD CHARTERED
43 Which county finished runners-up in all three major competitions in the 2010 domestic cricket season? SOMERSET
44 Rugby Union - Which newly promoted side are the most southerly and westerly based team in the 2010 Aviva Premiership? EXETER
45 Which English golfer holds the record for the most Ryder Cup appearances (11) and also the record for the most points scored (25)? NICK FALDO
46 Which sporting event was started by Sir Bobby Robson in 2007, Tony Blair in 2008, Sting in 2009 and Ant & Dec in 2010? GREAT NORTH RUN
47 Horse Racing - Which course hosts the Midlands Grand National Handicap in March each year? UTTOXETER
48 Boxing - Known as The Executioner, which american was world middleweight champion for ten years until he was beaten by Jermain Taylor in July 2005? BERNARD HOPKINS
49 Which welsh soccer club currently play in the Evo-Stick League Premier Division (two levels below Wrexham) and play their home games at Llanelian Road? COLWYN BAY
50 Which is the only non-European city to have hosted two Summer Olympib Games? LOS ANGELES
(1932 & 1984)
ROUND 6 - Current Affairs
51 The constituency of Ed Milliband, the new leader of the Labour Party, is in which Yorkshire town? DONCASTER (North)
52 What make of car was the converted SUV, known as the Popemobile, which transported Benedict XVI when he was in the UK last month? MERCEDES (-Benz)
53 Which 59 year old singer topped the album charts recently with Going Back, a selection of covers of 60's Motown and Soul classics? PHIL COLLINS
54 Which 77 year old former French President is to stand trial dor embezzlement in a Paris court early next year? JACQUES CHIRAC
55 Which animated sequel by Pixar (released in June) is currently the highest grossing film of 2010 and is now the highest grossing animated film of all time? TOY STORY 3
56 Former Eastenders actress Emma Barton is currently playing Roxie Hart in which musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London's West End? CHICAGO
57 The current best-selling novel Crossfire was the last written by which Welsh-born author, who was working on it with his son Felix when he died in February? DICK FRANCIS
58 Which former Tory MP is partnering Anton Du Beke in the new series of Strictly Come Dancing? ANN WIDDECOMBE
59 Which radio 1 DJ let fly with a 25 minute rant on his show a fortnight ago, claiming that he hadn't been paid for two months? CHRIS MOYLES
60 What is the title of Tony Blair's memoirs, which caused reat media excitement when they were released last month? A JOURNEY
How many balls did the recently retired Andrew Flintoff bowl in first-class cricket? 22,799 (in 183 matches)