1 Average Scores for Week 9:

Division 1 - 44
Division 2 - 34

Some difficult questions this week, reflected by the scores being about 5 down on average compared to other weeks.

Average scores for the first half of the season:

Division 1 - 47
Division 2 - 39

2 Halfway through the season
Hole in the wall  and the Peal of Bells are neck and neck at the top of Division 1!
Well done to the Lager Club and Bowling Green, 2 promoted teams achieving mid table mediocracy!!
Thanks to Y Tai and the Bangor Academicals - Every week must seem like playing the Eggheads!!!!

Only one point separating the top 4 teams in Division 2 - all scrambling to get into Division 1.
Keep going Johnstown Legion - Every week must seem like playing Humpty Dumpty!!

3 Some scores have been adjusted to compensate for missing questions.
If this occurs in future, just let us know and we will even things up.

4 Christmas Quiz - Dec 18th, 8:30pm at the Catholic Club
Everyone is welcome, particularly friends and relations, who might not play every week.
As usual we will be supporting Nightingale House and Hope House with a raffle. Contributions welcome.


Average Scores for Week 8:

Division 1 - 49
Division 2 - 44

Thank you to all the teams who pointed out the repeated questions this week.
We have informed the question setter of this.
If it occurs again before Christmas, do sensible things like using spare questions, or making sure the questions cancel out.
This makes sure the quiz is fair to both teams.


Average Scores for Week 7:

Division 1 - 46
Division 2 - 41


Average Scores for Week 6:

Division 1 - 46
Division 2 - 37


1. Despite all the problems with questions being used before in previous quizzes, the Committee met on 7th Nov, and decided that all the results from Week 4 would stand.

2. Average scores for Week 4:

Division 1 - 49
Division 2 - 40

3. Average Scores for Week 5:

Division 1 - 47
Division 2 - 41


1. Average Scores for Week 3:

Division 1 - 47
Division 2 - 41


1. Average scores for Week 2:

Division 1 - 50
Division 2 - 45

2. All scores in early. Thanks.


1. Email results to Dave Wilkinson NOT Brian Carr (wqlresults@....) as per the current results sheet. We will amend the results sheet as soon as possible. Dave's email address is on your fixture cards.

2. The season has started well with combined Colin Hughes and Les Moore trophies at the Lager Club. The Grapes and The Magers were the winners.

3. Average scores this week Division 1 - 44, Division 2 - 33.

4. Bear with us while we set up the new results recording. We will try to do email as Brian did but for now all updates will be on the website ASAP.

5. Remember it is the HOME TEAM's responsibility to check that Questions have arrived. Dave Wilkinson has the spare set.



Reminder that the 2018 - 19 season starts This Tuesday, 2nd October at the Lager Club

Table Quiz for all teams - Winners and non-Winners from last season alike

Fixtures are 'in progress' for the website, but this requires a little more work updating the page due to the new structure of the quiz league, with just the two divisions.


1 - The Season starts on Tuesday 2nd October 8:30 at the Lager Club. Table Quiz for ALL TEAMS. 
Two Competitions will be held. Colin Hughes Trophy for last years winners. Les Moore Trophy for all the other teams that did not win anything

2 - The League Season will start on Tuesday 9th October.
Restructured into 2 Leagues.
Div 1 10 Teams. Last year's 7 Div 1 teams + Lager Club, Bowling Green and Bangor Accs, the top 3 teams from Div 2.
Div 2 9 teams . Last years 6 Div3 teams + Griffin, Telford and Magers, the bottom 3 teams from Div 2.
David Kenrick will be the question setter for the first half of the season. John Noble will set the second half of the season after Christmas.

3 - Pairs Quiz and Divisional handicap competitions will be reinstated as league fixtures reduced from last year.

4 - Fixture Cards will be distributed on October 2nd.

5 - Can all teams bring 80 cash or cheques subs for this season on Oct 2nd

6 - No results Secretary as nobody has yet volunteered to replace Brian. Chairman Dave and Web manager Mark will receive, sort out and publish results and tables but these may be in a different format.

7 - All points from the AGM have been passed on to question setters.

8 - If any teams are short of players or if former players want to join any teams let us know and we will match you up.

9 - Have a Good Season everyone!


There will be a committee meeting on MONDAY 3 SEPTEMBER at the Lager Club in Wrexham.
Usual Start time of 7.30pm
We will use this to discuss any matters arising for the start of the new season


Decisions from the AGM on June 5th

* Fees are being kept at 80 this year (Unanimous vote)

* We will move to a 2 Divisions format (Unanimous vote)

* Paired questions will be kept as the overall format of the quiz league (Unanimous vote)

* Paired questions will be kept for all League quizzes (8 for, 5 against)

* Random questions 60 straight questions will be trialled in Cup matches (Unanimous vote)

* Question setters will be asked to include more modern questions, balanced pairs of questions, clear formatting in bold / only wanting the surname - these notes have since been forwarded to question setters with no apparent issues arising.

* Please can teams clarify which team chose to answer questions first when they submit scores

* Charity collection for the raffle was made up to 160 which will be split 80 to Hope House and 80 to Nightingale House


AGM - Tuesday 5th June 8pm Lager Club

Can everyone try to attend please as we have several important decisions to make.
It would also help if teams could register for next season and pay outstanding fees and next season's fees, if possible.

Decisions need to be made regarding:

1 - League Structure
2 - Next season's fees
3 - Questions. Question Pairing / 60 random questions / Different quiz format for Cup fixtures as a trial etc
4 - Results Secretary

Any other points, let David Jackson know.


Corrected date of Committee Meeting, apologies for the mistake.


Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday 22nd May, Lager Club Wrexham, 7:30pm

Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 5th June, Lager Club Wrexham, 8pm

Current items for the Agenda are a fees increase and a review of the League Structure

Please can all teams who have won trophies bring them back to the AGM

Anyone wising to raise issues for the AGM please contact David Jackson ASAP

Brian Carr has moved away from the Wrexham area, to southern England. We would like to think him for all his hard work over the years as Results Secretary

Therefore, we now have a vacancy for Results Secretary - can anyone interested in doing this please put themselves forward as soon as possible



24 April 8pm Handicap Cup and Yale Final Brymbo Sports and Social
1 May L21 final round of Div 1 League games.


Next Committee Meeting is on Monday 12th March at the Lager Club - 7.30 pm start



Yale Trophy

Griffin v Grapes
Overton v Catholic Club
Greyhound v Buck
Telford v Hole in Wall

Elwyn Jones

Red Lion v Magers
Johnstown Legion v Bowling Green
New Inn v Lager
Bangor Accs v Horse and Jockey

Apologies for recent problems with the fixtures page not loading, a typo had crept in along the way!

Pete is setting a charity quiz for Wrexham Food Bank.
Friday 23rd February 8:30pm at the Lager Club
Everyone Welcome
Teams up to 6


Congratulations to the Horse & Jockey who won the Christmas Quiz

Thanks to John for setting questions for the first half of the season

Fixture Cards - if any team have not received these yet please email Dave Wilkinson

If any teams have not yet paid their fees for the seaon, please email Dave Wilkinson for Diane's contact details

Draws for the next round of Cup competitions have been held and the fixture list will be updated on the website

In the case of friendly matches questions will be sent to all teams - can the Away team please contact the Home team to make sure they are still running the quiz

Next Committee Meeting is on Monday 17th February at the Lager Club - 7.30 pm start


Committee Meeting on Monday 19th February at the Lager Club. 7.30pm start.


1. Diane has broken her ankle and is somewhat immobile. We all wish you a speedy recovery Diane.

2 . Martin Kilcoyne has asked Keith Morris to set the Cup Questions.
Thank you Keith we look forward to your brainteasers.

3. I have booked the Catholic Club for the Christmas Quiz on 19th December. Pete is the question setter.

4. Caergwrle Social Club did not receive their questions on the 28th November. I don't know why as I have been receiving questions on time.

It is the Home Team's responsibility to ensure questions have been delivered to the venue.
Phone Brian Carr or Dave Wilkinson in case of problems with questions - their phone numbers can be found on fixture cards.

5. Christmas Quiz Tuesday 19th December at 8:30pm, please arrive early for a prompt start.

Raffle in aid of Nightingale House. Prize donations are most welcome.


Dave Wilkinson.


Have a Good Season Everybody!

Congratulations to The Grapes, who won the Colin Hughes Trophy.




1. No matters arising from the AGM. As discussed fees for the 2017/18 season are staying at 60 per team.

2. All question setters have been contacted and will be continuing for this season.

3. Most teams have now registered for this year - Committee members will be in touch with anyone we haven't heard from yet.

4. Fixtures and divisions are being drawn up and will be updated ASAP with cards sent out to teams at the start of the season.

5. Preliminary dates for the start of the season are 3rd October for the Colin Hughes Trophy (at the Lager Club), 10th October for the first League match for all teams.

6. Teams qualified for the Colin Highes Trophy are the Greyhound, Hole in the Wall, Catholic Club, Bowling Green, Telford, Red Lion, Grapes, Magers, Railway, New Inn, and the Johnstown Legion. All others are welcome to attend if they like.

7. Please keep sending news to David Wilkinson - this will be passed on to Mark Sumner who has now taken on responsibility for all of the website including Latest News.

Next Committee Meeting 3rd Oct 7:30pm at the Lager Club, befote the Colin Hughes Trophy.